Monday, March 19, 2007

Flight models, theory & decisions.

Now that I have again temporarily put the Sopwith Snipe to one side for a few days I am shifting focus. With my ambition to create payware/commercial aircraft one cannot use the Flight Model Data Workbook or Airwrench for any commercial projects as their user agreements preclude such. (One can still use these for freeware releases and I still intend to produce a few along the way.)

I will use other tools such as Aircraft Airfile Manager and MS Excel using my own formulae. Of course something as comprehensive as the FMDWB is beyond my capabilities at this time. However I am collating information and equations from a variety of sources, many on-line, and over time this should evolve into my own workbook. I will of course, be concentrating on aircraft of the 1916-1938 period though I have two 40's/50's jets earmarked for possible commercial release much later on.

I am tempted to take time out to focus on the theory side of things but I still hope to create many new meshes. Return to my usual vocation looks likely too and this may help with the theory side of things. I'll have plenty of time to read, commuting to and from work, between the island & Brisbane.

Aircraft will be ready when they are ready. ;)