Saturday, July 28, 2007

This week: a miscellany

Now that I am branching out into terrain & scenery creation, much of the past week has been involved in that pursuit. As I mention in my other blog that project will involve at least one PTO aircraft, at this stage, tentatively a Nakajima A6M2-N Rufe. I'd love to attempt a Betty or Emily but I don't have much interior reference material on these as yet.

This week's aircraft creation activities have focused on the Boulton & Paul Defiant. The most difficult part, the wing roots is over and the airframe now has wings. I'll wait until I have a rudimentary canopy and turret in place before I post any pics. I was also hoping to spend some time on the Snipe's textures last week. However I had a bit of running around on health matters, scans etc., and, as I mentioned, research on scenery matters has taken up much time (the Solomon Islands). I also spent a couple of hours getting the Me. P1112 into CFS3. It's now ready to have the cockpit constructed and the exterior painted. It looks nice, however I'm not sure what to do about an airfile as I won't have much time in the near future.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Another New Blog : - Scenery Explorations.

I have decided to start another new blog devoted to scenery/terrain creation for CFS3 & FSX. It will also cover my explorations in the world of GIS.

This blog will primarily focus on aircraft creation & modeling.


Friday, July 20, 2007

This week... exploring the world of GIS

Continuously working on the Snipe was turning into a bit of a grind and created a need to refresh oneself. I spent a day working on a Clerget 9B engine for inclusion in a number of WW1 projects, however the continual focus on WW1 also requires a bit of a break. Add these factors to MS/Aces lack of interest in a new combat flight sim and the impressive recent release of Mediterranean Air War, MAW, I have decided to enter the world of scenery creation for CFS3. Given that I'll be in and out of hospital for cancer treatment/surgery in coming months, these project will be more dabbling than anything else. It will be the end of the year before I should be back on track. I'll possibly invest in a notebook computer to use later on while in recover/rehab.

Anyway it is refreshing to re-aquaint myself with the world of GIS. I had a strong interest in this a decade+ ago using software such as VistaPro on both the Amiga & Windows platforms.

Ed Wilson (gzr_groundhog) is probably the only person, to date, to really come to grips with scenery/terrain creation for CFS3. Ed's achievements include new maps/terrain for MAW and also a Korea War add-on for CFS3.

I initially hope to experiment with a small area...not sure where.

I'll post further updates & news of my experiments, including any software which may be of use.

The Sopwith Snipe will continue in small doses as will a Me P1112 for CFS3. Even working on it full time I would not be able to complete before radiotherapy so there is little point in rushing & focusing on the one project at the moment.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sun Night WIP

It doesn't look like I've done a great deal to the Sopwith Snipe since Tuesday, but I have. I have remapped the external fuselage, decking & cowl at least twice and each time re-rendered the ambient occlusion maps. That of course meant redoing the external airframe for the interior model too.

I think I can say I can move forward now and concentrate on painting/rendering the textures, though I think I'm suffering from too much Snipe and might have a break for a couple of days.

I might start another aircraft or continue with one of the other WIPS? Trouble is some of these models were commenced some while back and I've changed techniques a bit. Also there is new info available on modeling for FSX.

I haven't forgotten CFS3 either. MS made a mistake in not continuing that franchise and there still a lot that can be achieved with that game engine as witnessed by MAW.

This is all very relaxing & therapeutic if approached at the right pace.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tues Night Snipe WIP

Making the most of my time at the moment & thought I'd show a couple more WIP pics, one in games & one in 3DS Max. The textures are slowly taking shape. Much more to do.


Another New Blog : - Musical Explorations.

The name says it all - Music from around the web.

Enjoy! :)


Monday, July 09, 2007

Again & again

UV mapping that is :) .... however we'll get there. Still working on the Snipe. Time's a bit limited & will become more limited given my situation, however the Snipe is taking shape. I re-mapped the external model...mainly the fuselage and of course this meant re-doing parts of the VC also. Ambient occlusion rendering is a slow business but as one can see the results in the cockpit are effective.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend WIP Pics

Working on the 3D stuff is excellent therapy. This weekend's WIP - Ambient occlusion mapping on the Snipe & the external model of the Me P.1112 ready for cockpit work.... CFS3 will be first for the Me P.1112. The P.1112 must be my quickest model yet... 4 days work so far. Compare to hundreds of hours in the Snipe... though the Snipe has required much research.

This week back to all the medical stuff :(