Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Catching up

A little bit of an update on where I am at with a few things. I have finished remodelling the fuselage mesh of the Sopwith Snipe so now I can return to the detail. At the moment I am only spending a few hours a week on the Snipe.

The other good news is that the 'Biff' for FS9 will definitely happen. I have been optimising the FS2004 Biff mesh [originally CFS3 mesh] since the weekend and have managed to export to the sim. I have had to redo some small parts especially small cylindrical parts which the FS9 exporter optimises in undesired ways. More optimisation lies ahead as well as construction of a pilot figure.

Further work has also been carried out to the Sopwith Baby and Fokker Dr.I The latter will probably be aimed at FS9. I have also worked on a few other meshes such as the Siemens Schukert DIII and Hansa Brandenburg W.29 I am not quite sure which sim these will end up in. Most likely FS X next year some time.

I will be building a Boulton & Paul Defiant for CFS3 also in the near future. Most likely my last all new aircraft for CFS3.

Of course reading and research consumes a large amount of time.