Monday, March 19, 2007

Flight models, theory & decisions.

Now that I have again temporarily put the Sopwith Snipe to one side for a few days I am shifting focus. With my ambition to create payware/commercial aircraft one cannot use the Flight Model Data Workbook or Airwrench for any commercial projects as their user agreements preclude such. (One can still use these for freeware releases and I still intend to produce a few along the way.)

I will use other tools such as Aircraft Airfile Manager and MS Excel using my own formulae. Of course something as comprehensive as the FMDWB is beyond my capabilities at this time. However I am collating information and equations from a variety of sources, many on-line, and over time this should evolve into my own workbook. I will of course, be concentrating on aircraft of the 1916-1938 period though I have two 40's/50's jets earmarked for possible commercial release much later on.

I am tempted to take time out to focus on the theory side of things but I still hope to create many new meshes. Return to my usual vocation looks likely too and this may help with the theory side of things. I'll have plenty of time to read, commuting to and from work, between the island & Brisbane.

Aircraft will be ready when they are ready. ;)



Information sought Sopwith Snipe

You know the saying 'so near... yet so far....'. That's the way the Snipe is shaping out.

I have encountered difficulty obtaining information related to cockpit details and the fuel system.

I have good detail from a variety of sources of the left side of the cockpit and main instrument panel however little of the right hand side of the cockpit. I have managed to fill in many gaps but some details remain elusive. If anyone has any decent photographs of the right hand internal details of the cockpit I'd be very pleased to hear from them.

The other area I seek assistance is clarification of the fuel system. I have posted a question on this at the Aerodrome but have yet to receive a response. I'll leave things be for a few days and see how I go.

I discovered some possible sources of information on the weekend. Expensive (on my budget anyway LOL) and possibly not obtainable from Australia given the vendors' purchase options. Also possible overkill for 3D model reference material.

I am considering a number of options. We're not beaten yet. Though the Snipe may be shelved and be completed as payware at a later date. We'll see...... :)


Friday, March 16, 2007

Brief Update

From the virtual aircraft creation perspective, most of this week has been spent working on Sopwith Snipe related issues. I have been working on uv mapping the virtual cockpit.

Now I have paused to research a few cockpit issues and figure out how I'm going to handle cockpit instrument lighting. This is a little bit different from normal FS aircraft and I also use 3D parts rather than the FS gauge system. I also have to figure out how the fuel system works. I am also still researching and experimenting with the flight model.

Little work has been carried out on the Sopwith Triplane this week. I still intend to pursue that as a freeware project and freeware projects have low priority compared to projects ear marked as future commercial/payware projects (apart from the Snipe). I have also worked a little bit this week on the Me P.1112 for CFS3, but again this has low priority.

This weekend some more work on the Snipe and I'll start refreshing the Dr.I's mesh.


Biff Download Stats as at 9 March 2007

I was very surprised when I checked and talied the Biff's download stats the other day.

As at March 9 2007 - 30,040 downloads of all versions over 3 platforms, FSX, FS2004 & CFS3. These are from Avsim, Simviation, Sim-Outhouse &

Total FSX (all packages) - 17,103 (From 2 Feb 2007)
Total FS9 (all packages) - 6,329 (From 18 Feb 2007)
Total CFS3 - 6,608 (From 30 March 2006)

It'll be very interesting to see how the FSX version ends up a few months from now.

All in all quite pleasing.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Slight Change of Plans

Now that I am back to aircraft creation after an enforced week's absence due to a Windows crash and other software related problems, I have again had to change priorities and focus on the Sopwith Snipe. It's fortunate that I managed to get the situation with Max 8.0 sorted out because if I had not, the Snipe and all my current WIP would have to have been shelved until MS update their SDK to make use of Max 9.0. The Snipe would have been an eventual payware release if it did have to be shelved.

Anyway Max 8.0 appears to be running OK. I'll just have to continue work on the Triplane as and when I can. I had originally intended resume work on the Snipe this coming Sunday anyway, so I might as well start now.

I enjoyed the change in activities during the week and revisited some of my earlier artistic pursuits from years gone by. When I'll find the time to pursue them properly I don't know?



Thursday, March 08, 2007

Back in the design game

Now back up and the running with Max 8.0, many thanks to my Autodesk Reseller. :)