Friday, March 09, 2007

Slight Change of Plans

Now that I am back to aircraft creation after an enforced week's absence due to a Windows crash and other software related problems, I have again had to change priorities and focus on the Sopwith Snipe. It's fortunate that I managed to get the situation with Max 8.0 sorted out because if I had not, the Snipe and all my current WIP would have to have been shelved until MS update their SDK to make use of Max 9.0. The Snipe would have been an eventual payware release if it did have to be shelved.

Anyway Max 8.0 appears to be running OK. I'll just have to continue work on the Triplane as and when I can. I had originally intended resume work on the Snipe this coming Sunday anyway, so I might as well start now.

I enjoyed the change in activities during the week and revisited some of my earlier artistic pursuits from years gone by. When I'll find the time to pursue them properly I don't know?