Friday, March 16, 2007

Brief Update

From the virtual aircraft creation perspective, most of this week has been spent working on Sopwith Snipe related issues. I have been working on uv mapping the virtual cockpit.

Now I have paused to research a few cockpit issues and figure out how I'm going to handle cockpit instrument lighting. This is a little bit different from normal FS aircraft and I also use 3D parts rather than the FS gauge system. I also have to figure out how the fuel system works. I am also still researching and experimenting with the flight model.

Little work has been carried out on the Sopwith Triplane this week. I still intend to pursue that as a freeware project and freeware projects have low priority compared to projects ear marked as future commercial/payware projects (apart from the Snipe). I have also worked a little bit this week on the Me P.1112 for CFS3, but again this has low priority.

This weekend some more work on the Snipe and I'll start refreshing the Dr.I's mesh.