Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Hopefully the FSX version of the Bristol Fighter will be uploaded to Avsim tomorrow. Other sites will follow in due course. In the meantime a couple of preview pics.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

And another couple of days........

Yep.... still not released :D

I've created another 9 skins for starters, giving me 10 all up for the initial releases. Initial releases? Yep I've created some variations on the visual model so there will be more than one download when it is released.

I've finished all the skins and can see a few bits and peices to fix up and also make some minor changes to virtual cockpit textures. Next up is a new config file and putting all this together.... after that check everything out in sim and then if ok.... release. Whew!!! (After that a break.... various things will flow through to FS9 and CFS3 all in due course.... there's a lot to this aircraft creation business.)

until then



Wednesday, January 24, 2007

FSX Biff update... almost there

What I had initially intended to complete for the FSX Biff is now complete. There was a delay of a couple of days due to code for the fuel selector switch not doing as I wanted. This morning I dropped the approach used by MS for their fuel selectors in FS2004/FSX and coded my own from scratch. It does what I want when I want.

Presently I am doing a few skins and minor visual variations. So hang on it may take a couple of days more :)



Monday, January 15, 2007

'Biff' Almost X-ified

The FSX version of the Bristol Fighter is almost complete and should be released sometime this week. I have just a couple of cockpit animations to figure out and we're there. The tedious job of converting all the LOD models is complete. I may create a couple of new skins I have in mind time permitting.

The mdl files are some size. The mesh of the external model for all 3 sims, FS9/CFS3/FSX is almost the same yet the CFS3 m3d weighs in at 3+ MB while the FSX mdl is 14+mb. The fsx vc is 13+ mb. Needless to say the download files will be large. I'll probaly release other variants seperately.

Anyway here are a few more pics. (PS.... check out the bump mapped leather combing..)