Thursday, May 31, 2007


Virtual aircraft creation is again taking a back seat, this time, due to health issues.

A large mass (tumour) last week was discovered in my right thigh. It is causing complications by compressing blood vessels and causing and a bit of thrombosis, thankfully in veins near the surface and not DVT, otherwise I would have been in hospital a while. I ended up unexpectedly in hospital to control the clotting. I have return to outpatients tomorrow to find out the next step. In the meantime I have to inject myself with Clexine blood thinning medication as I will probably have to have surgery. Hopefully only a biopsy as the mass itself is about 10cm in diameter.

I have had trouble with this leg since 2001 following a septic pyelonephritis which my doctor suggested turned into septicaemia and possibly caused joint infection in the hips & knees, later that year. Recurring UTI symptoms returned in 2004 and appeared to affect my leg. Hopefully the mass is benign all will end up well this time around, and I'm not sidelined too long.

If I disappear from forums & blogging a while, this will be the reason why.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Freeware WIP

As I posted in Wing Fell Off, I started my new job this week so I now mainly a weekend warrior as to working on 3D.

Here are a few pics of 4 current WIP meshes of aircraft destined for FSX.... freeware of course.

Albatros DV/DVa

Sopwith Triplane.

Sopwith Snipe

Sopwith Baby

I'm not working to any definite timetable with these. They'll be ready in due course.


Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm back :)

That's right! The Biff Diaries is now returning after a brief period of hibernation.

The FSX SP1 beta is almost there and I have freed up enough time to move forward with my pursuit of virtual aircraft creation to the extent I can start posting WIP updates here. I have also started a new job and this has provided some stability to make plans.

The Sopwith Snipe is now back in WIP. The Snipe has been on and off for a long time, straddling many other projects. It'll be nice to see it finished. I'm also still picking away at my new Sopwith Triplane model & giving consideration to reviving the Sopwith Baby too for FSX. If not the Baby then some other WW1 seaplane for FSX.

Flight dynamics is now a project for bed time reading and commuting to work.

Nice to be back!! :)