Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Temporary Ending.....................

................more like hibernation.

I'll be putting this blog to sleep for the time being. Any aircraft creation/modeling posts, if there are any, will now appear my other blog "The Wing Fell Off". This blog only receives 10 visits a day so it's no big deal..LOL. I'll sort of be going into hibernation too, from the aircraft creation perspective but not for too long. :)

The reasons being frustrations and delays on a number matters, largely beyond my control, which make it difficult to move ahead at the pace I desire, and issues preventing planning of ongoing & future projects. I am also spending too much time on virtual projects and the digital world.... time to do other things.

I still hope to release at least a couple aircraft this year, possibly WW1 aircraft. However I tend to question the wisdom of creating such for FSX.... especially payware. I imagine there wouldn't be enough interest in such. We'll see how the first two go.

With Microsoft's cancellation of CFS4 a couple of years ago, no new CFS in sight and Aces studio, the creator of the FS/CFS/TS series, tied up with FSX and Train Simulator projects for the next couple of years it's going to be difficult to maintain a high level of interest in virtual aviation. I am primarily interested in the historical aspects of aviation and air combat. FSX does not really cater for those of us into vintage or military aviation.

Hopefully one day Aces will be able to add features to enable period scenery & autogen, perhaps controlled by date, and also preferably combat capabilities. They have waited for too long to do something about the CFS series.

Even though I have enjoyed CFS3, it is now a little bit dated. However CFS3 mainly disappoints me by being too simplistic as to aircraft systems, and lacks the ability to create and add new animations and instruments, as one can with Flight Simulator. That aside I do plan a couple of CFS3 releases in the future.

At the end of the day all this means is that virtual aircraft creation will be pursued at a more leisurely pace. I will be focusing my time on the theoretical side of virtual aircraft creation i.e. learning in the area of aerodynamics and flight modeling. I will of course be trying conceive a project worth pursuing where I can maintain an appropriate level of interest during development and which will also be commercially viable as a FSX add-on. More time will be spent on other creative pursuits & hobbies and getting more physical exercise. Of course if CFS were to return I'll have no problems finding suitable digital projects.

BTW the Biff will be in the next issue of PC-Pilot.

cheers for now