Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Team

I've been busy in recent days modeling some crew members for my FS/CFS creations. I am totally new to modeling people or character creation. They're fairly low res with the exception of the goggles which are about 470 triangles. The heads otherwise come in about 900 triangles including helmets.

Initially reduced versions of these will find their way into the external models of the Biff and Snipe in both FS & CFS (Snipe in CFS3 anyway).

The guys in these preview pics have still to be texture mapped. I have created multi sub-object materials and applied them to polygon material IDs. I'm also going to have a go at rigging them for animation. Overall so far it has been a productive learning experience and not bad for a first effort.

I intend to resume work on the FS9 Bristol F2B this coming weekend. This has been placed to one side for a number of months. The FS X gmax SDK is due out this week some time so it will be all hands on deck to get the Snipe out for FS X and CFS3 before christmas. I guess there will be much to learn for FS X. BTW I find FS X immensely satisfying. I have been spending much time flying it. I'll post a bit more in my other blog when time permits. I'd love to do a new Biff for FS X but that depends on time.

cheers for now