Friday, October 06, 2006

Postscript and a few links to Flight Modeling info.

I have just, somewhat belatedly, come across a post by Winding Man at Sim-Outhouse, where he somewhat belatedly responded to my post of 21st August, relating to the perception of speed at low level in CFS3 and the OFF team's suggested possible solutions at that date. I am not going to enter any debate or retort on any possible issues. I don't really have any issues LOL. I leave it to the reader to read my August post and the relevant threads at Sim-Outhouse and form their own conclusions. I have provided some FS Flight Dynamics links below and I recommend reading Mike Zykowski's paper on Microsoft Flight Simulators which should be compulsory reading for anyone contemplating creating add-ons for FS/CFS including those who like to speed things up ;) I have also just added a postscript to my original blog article - which I stand by - for what it's worth :).

As can be seen by my blog posts throughout the month September my projects are ongoing including the CFS3 Sopwith Snipe.

Since September 2005 it has always been my intention to model and develop for what is now Flight Simulator X. However we are still waiting on a full SDK for that product and FS X is just hitting the stores. I have always been a fan of CFS3 and hope to support it as long as I possibly can. Once we are up and running with the FS X SDK it will be easier to create aircraft for both FS X and CFS3.

However to create aircraft one has to find such activity rewarding and with me that means that hopefully people appreciate what one produces. Some people do :). I note from WM's post that OFF phase 2 remains closed to 3rd party aircraft from the campaign perspective. Given that and my primary FS X focus, whether it's worthwhile producing WW1 aircraft, beyond the Snipe for CFS3 is open to question.... we'll see. I tend to think there will be CFS3 versions of some of my FS WW1 and other aircraft but FS X will be the primary focus and anything for CFS3 will be an afterthought. By then maybe we'll know about the next CFS.... just joking .... LOL.

The Luft '46 aircraft I am currently making are intended as fun aircraft and at this time I do not intend to create serious flight models for them - probably just basic cockpits too. The Boulton & Paul Defiant is intended [hopefully] to have a detailed visual model and cockpit. Hence I am taking my time. Once the visual is complete - and that will most likely be next year - I may try and interest the Aviation History guys in doing a flight model for it if they are still around - when and if I hopefully complete the model :)

As to flight modeling for Microsoft Flight simulators I hope to blog some of my attempts next time around when it comes time to create a flight model. I am in full 3D modeling mode at this point in time. The two activities are not mutually exclusive but I do work more efficiently with FM's when I have the time to give them my full attention. This blog will evolve to become a general development blog for FS and CFS. I will of course post the occasional dev related items in my other blog the Wing Fell Off.

In the meantime here are some useful links on the topic of flight modeling:-
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