Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bristol F2B for FS9/FSX

While I currently have about 7 open projects for FS/CFS, since last weekend I have been primarily focusing on the Bristol Fighter for FS 9. I was not intending to do a version for FS X until next year. However with the remainder of the FS X SDK shortly being released and the FS9 F2B version being more more complete than I thought, I intend to move the FS X version forward and release both simultaneously, hopefully in a few weeks. The FS X version will be a hybrid of the CFS3 version and FS 2004 version, taking advantage of FS X Materials, animations and greater resolution. Essentially it will be an enhanced version of the FS 2004 external model combined with the CFS3 virtual cockpit.

I am trying to make sense of modeling gauges in 3d, animated by xml code, at the moment. So far I've only got the compass and clock working. WW1 instruments are usually non linear in nature and writing code for them involves a bit of trial and error.

I also have to paint the crew figures then optimise and break apart. In FS X I hope to create skinned animations for them.

Following the FS Biffs all attention will focus on the Snipe. Still hoping for late 2006 for the Snipe.