Sunday, May 04, 2008

Reshuffling Projects

These last few days I have been working on and reviewing the Sopwith Snipe and also formulating possible future projects. Thus I've withdrawn both the Snipe [now rescinded ..see below] and Fokker D.VIII from my freeware lineup for the time being. These aircraft will be tentatively part of themed WW1 multi-aircraft packs, each focusing on aircraft of particular manufacturers. There is a very nice Fokker D.VIII wip being previewed in the forums at sim-outhouse... which looks as though it will appear for FSX as well as FS2004. I will most likely redo the Snipe from scratch as my modeling skills have greatly improved since first tackling that aircraft almost 3 years ago and I'm generally not happy with aspects of my model. The construction of the Snipe has been interrupted by the Biff, FSX beta testing and more recently cancer and its treatment.

I still intend one freeware WW1 release for FSX by mid year. Whatever I decide it will be all new. The Sopwith Baby model is all new, but I'm leaning towards an aircraft I haven't modeled before and won't fit in with my planned packs. Decisions.....mmmmm? Well off to sift through that pile of Windsock datafiles... ;)



[Edit - It's amazing how taking a break makes one look at things afresh. After spending time in FTX Australia Blue and flying a variety of aircraft I decided that the Snipe holds up well, even against some payware aircraft.... so this edition of the Snipe continues to live and is being worked on at this minute...stay tuned.... and will remain freeware. An all new Snipe at a future date, will hopefully be part of another product.

Rob - 19 May 2008.]