Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Any Interest in Sopwith Snipe for CFS3?

That's something that I'd like to know, now that I've revived the freeware FSX version. It would take a while more to convert i.e. part names, animations, model structure, LODS, damage model. Those possibly interested can PM me - robby88 - at Sim-Outhouse. I'm not sure if OFF Phase 3 will allow for 3rd party aircraft. Thus I need to know if there's any interest before going to all the trouble of conversion.

The revived FSX Snipe has a little bit of detail polygon work to be carried out. I might add turnbuckles to the exterior model. Mostly though it's texture and material work and also animations. I want to look at cockpit lighting also. There are many things I'd like to experiment with too. After that flight modeling, sound editing etc.... thus maybe a while yet... we'll see.

The new Sopwith Baby will be more reflective of my current modeling standards, though much of the cockpit will be conjectural as there are no photographs, that I know of, of the Baby's cockpit. The Sopwith & rigging manual drawings I have show the position of the main controls, fuel pump, tank and cables. I'll be using my knowledge of other Sopwith aircraft and fittings to complete the detail in the cockpit. I hope to create a Schneider version also. I say hope as I am still not clear on the health front. However I plough on regardless until something happens.



Edit - 9 June 2008 - So far 2 votes LOL - I don't know if that means I'll do it or not, especially as much is happening in my life at the moment.
Edit - 1 July 2008 - We'll see how things go, not much interest by others in the CFS3 version - so FSX only in the interim.
Edit - 20 August 2008 - I hope to start working on porting the FSX Snipe to CFS3 format next month. It will be very much an experiment and may not necessarily result in a CFS3 release.