Monday, May 05, 2008

Sopwith Baby it is then

After a night of agonising & loosing much sleep (LoL), hours of reading and a morning of web browsing I decided on the Sopwith Baby. At the end it was a toss-up between the Baby & a DH.2. As I preferred to make a seaplane, the baby won out. A few tentative aircraft fell by the wayside due to lack of information especially engine control & fuel management e.g. the Short 184 and Curtiss HS-2L. Along the way I encountered a number of aircraft I had never considered before...all seaplanes & flying boats.

Now back to 3DS Max and the all new Sopwith Baby. Let's see how long it takes.... :)



Footnote - The new Baby has been placed to one side while I focus on trying to finish the Sopwith Snipe before medical events intervene.