Monday, April 10, 2006

New Project Started

Now that the FS2004 'Biff' is out the way I have commenced a new project for FS2004. It is not WW1 or WW2 and it is not for CFS3 at this stage. I am just doing a bit of research today. I won't say anything further until I have something to show. It is my first all new mesh project since September 2005. At this stage I am not working to any time frame. Needless to say I am quite enthusiastic.

I will still be doing a Sopwith Baby [CFS3/OFF] in between times and hope to do a Snipe [CFS3/OFF] too - but no timeline - also the previously mentioned CFS3/OFF Biff upgrades tentatively June/July.

I am also going back into quiet mode as far as this blog is concerned. I hope to do an article on combat simming in my other blog.