Friday, April 07, 2006

FS2004 F2B Under review..... may not happen...

I'm still struggling with the 'dark side'..... the FS2004 SDK and model resolutions supported by that sim.

I am currently working on trying to get the model into FS2004. Until that happens I cannot really see how the Bristol will look in that sim. I did export the untextured original version of the Bristol Fighter into FS2004 in May 2005, and it did not look too bad. That was before I added the visible parts of the airframe to the internal model. One of my concerns is that the resulting triangle count of the interior model is too much for makemdl or the BGL compiler.

I think most of my current problems are probably caused by a material name or small untextured part that was ok in CFS3 but causes things to croak exporting to FS.

This is all very disappointing given that everything went well for CFS3 and exported in seconds. The Biff's fps in that game are reasonable too.

I'll have more to say on modelling for CFS3 v FS2004 in my other blog, The Wing Fell Off.

I have re-modelled a few parts to FS2004 standards and I must say it is upsetting to move to such a lower resolution. Many small parts may have to be deleted completely. It's frustrating given that both products come from the same games studio. They should support a similar standard of modelling.

The bottom line for those awaiting a FS2004 version of the 'Biff'..... If I find I have to re-model too many parts to the lower resolution accommodated by FS2004 it may be best to leave a FS2004 Bristol Fighter for the time being and build a completely new one for Flight Simulator X.