Sunday, April 02, 2006

A change of pace

Now that the CFS3 version of the Bristol Fighter has been released I can now ease up on the design side of things. I must say the change of pace is quite pleasant after working solidly and exclusively on the Biff from mid November through to last week, save for a couple of days on the Sopwith Snipe and Sopwith Baby.

I must say it was all worth it. It is great to see other people enjoying one's creations, a source of immense pleasure.

The whole exercise was an invaluable learning experience. The Bristol Fighter is my first released project and only my third serious 3D scale modeling attempt. It was my second aircraft texturing effort and my first serious one. It was also my first attempt at flight dynamics. All this involved a tremendous amount of research in a variety of areas ranging from aviation history through to aerodynamics. Indeed research, learning and experimentation would have comprised 75% of the project. I have lost track of the number of books and articles I have read on related subjects in the past year.

My bed time reading for the last 6 weeks primarily comprised of various NACA reports. Hot Stuff!!!

Time to relax and unwind methinks.

I'm back to dabbling for the time being - jumping between various mini projects - a little bit here and there. Priority will go to the FS2004 version of the F.2B - no timeline as yet - I do want to relax a bit. I have also resurrected the Sopwith Baby and have commenced researching the Fokker DR-1. That one might head for FS2004. We'll see.