Monday, April 03, 2006


If anyone wishes to provide feedback or comments on the CFS3 version of the Biff please use the email address provided in the Bristol Fighter documentation and also the contact link in this blog.

99% of the feedback to date has been complimentary, indeed quite flattering so I am very pleased. However I do rely on feedback to improve the way I do things and fix any problems.

I must say the camradarie and co-operation among designers [even rival payware designers] in various forums at Sim-Outhouse impresses me. [especially the FS2004 forums]. I find this refreshing. [don't prove me wrong guys :)]. The same can also be said at Netwings and

I'll have more to say on the subject of flight modelling in a future post. With my new aircraft, I intend to start working on the FM's even when the aircraft are at airframe shell stage. It's the only way one keep one's skills current and move forward.