Sunday, July 06, 2008

3D gauges and FSX.

Having cut my teeth in modeling for CFS3 I am a staunch believer in 3D gauges. Indeed I do not anticipate creating 2D gauges until I come to HUDS, MFD's, GPS etc. For ordinary needle based instruments I find them smoother and simpler to implement with little or no impact on performance (fps), especially for WW1 & WW2 fighters. The Sopwith Snipe uses 3D gauges as did the Biff. My other planned projects will use 3d gauges if they ever see the light of day.

Unfortunately cancer is a bit of a wildcard in my life presently, throwing a spanner in the works as to my planned projects. The only thing definite is the previously shown Sopwith Snipe, which I hope to complete visually this month, all being well. After that comes the F6F-3 (very much WIP for CFS3/FSX) and a to be decided jet, probably an F-84G, as learning exercises in aircraft of different genres for FSX. These are planned as freeware. I had planned to create payware WW1 aircraft also (and have several in WIP), however my personal circumstances are affecting these plans also.



(EDIT - 20 August 2008: I've reworked the F6F-3, but I'm in no hurry to complete it given personal circumstances and the excellent WIP F6F-3 being created by RealFlight. Any possible WW2 freeware projects are still TBD. The F-84G is still planned - though will be 2009 now as I'll concentrate on WW1 payware if I pull through on the health front after October.)