Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Biff Stats

It's been a long time since I checked the download statistics of the various versions of my Bristol F2B. There are 3 versions - FSX, FS2004 and CFS3. The Flight Simulator versions are further broken down into 4 packages each. I was a bit surprised at the download numbers and their break up. Anyway as at 14 July 2008 ........

FSX - Base package = 17,224
FSX - Total all FSX packages = 38,292

FS9 - Base package = 3,340
FS9 - Total all FS9 packages = 9,783

CFS3 - total packages = 11,265

Total Base packages = 31,829

Total All downloads = 59,340

I think I can say the Biff has been a success. I'm especially surprised at the high number of downloads of the CFS3 version. Also note the low download numbers of the FS9 version. I don't know if these numbers can be extrapolated into possible payware success of other aircraft.

These download figures come from Sim-Outhouse, Simviation, Avsim & The FSX version was also distributed on PC-Pilot's cover disk and the Russian games magazine Igromania's cover DVD.