Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Update: Early October

Due the uncertainty of my personal situation , I am mainly just 3D modeling for relaxation at the moment. This means working a 1 or 2 days for a couple of hours a day, on any given aircraft and then jumping to something else when I tire. I've shelved my scenery explorations for a few weeks.

I did spend a couple of days working on textures & materials for the FSX version of the Sopwith Snipe, adding detail and also starting work on the specular maps. So far I am very pleased with Snipe's performance in FSX, about 3-5 fps faster than the Biff and people have reported good fps with the Biff in FSX.

On the subject of the Biff I have now retired the Biff's meshes from further work. The original CFS3 F2B, upon which the FSX was based (much modified & new) was my first serious model. I now do things quite differently and have learned a great deal in the last 2+ years. I had hoped to incorporate some of the improvements to the FSX model in a CFS3 revision. However as the FSX version was remaped this would mean that I create new CFS3 LODS & damage model, very time consuming. I do have a new series of F2B models planned (and started) for either 2008/2009 release (all being well), a cleaner & simpler 3D model & materials.

Anyway I have started a few new models, both WW1 & WW2 (and may soon start some 1930s & 1950/60s aircraft too). Some may see the light of day & many may not. 3D modeling is a very relaxing & rewarding pursuit, which is just what I need right now. If anything worthwhile come's out of this I'll post some pics.