Sunday, October 28, 2007

Draw Calls revisited.

In an earlier post on optimising & painting the Sopwith Snipe I mentioned that I initially could not see the benefits of my attempts to optimise for draw calls on the Snipe. This was in FSX SP1. I also posted on 2 Oct that I could see benefits but I could not discuss at that time. The reason for this was I was testing both FSX:Acceleration & its SDK which was covered by NDA which is now lifted. When I exported the Snipe via the latest SDK and flew in Acceleration, an aircraft which averaged 22fps in spot view then easily achieved 28-33fps on the same settings in FSX acceleration and believe it or not, 17fps over London. Other native FSX aircraft, both stock & 3rd party, averaged 11fps over London on the same settings. The Biff's perf is the same in FSX SP1 & Acceleration. The Biff would be difficult to update & optimise due to being an old model & time constraints. I intend to revisted the Biff/Brisfit in 2008/2009 with an all new package.

I can safely say to other modelers creating for FSX, it is worthwhile taking the time to read Adrian Wood's posts on 'Performance Art', and implementing these suggestions in your own designs.