Saturday, July 28, 2007

This week: a miscellany

Now that I am branching out into terrain & scenery creation, much of the past week has been involved in that pursuit. As I mention in my other blog that project will involve at least one PTO aircraft, at this stage, tentatively a Nakajima A6M2-N Rufe. I'd love to attempt a Betty or Emily but I don't have much interior reference material on these as yet.

This week's aircraft creation activities have focused on the Boulton & Paul Defiant. The most difficult part, the wing roots is over and the airframe now has wings. I'll wait until I have a rudimentary canopy and turret in place before I post any pics. I was also hoping to spend some time on the Snipe's textures last week. However I had a bit of running around on health matters, scans etc., and, as I mentioned, research on scenery matters has taken up much time (the Solomon Islands). I also spent a couple of hours getting the Me. P1112 into CFS3. It's now ready to have the cockpit constructed and the exterior painted. It looks nice, however I'm not sure what to do about an airfile as I won't have much time in the near future.