Friday, July 20, 2007

This week... exploring the world of GIS

Continuously working on the Snipe was turning into a bit of a grind and created a need to refresh oneself. I spent a day working on a Clerget 9B engine for inclusion in a number of WW1 projects, however the continual focus on WW1 also requires a bit of a break. Add these factors to MS/Aces lack of interest in a new combat flight sim and the impressive recent release of Mediterranean Air War, MAW, I have decided to enter the world of scenery creation for CFS3. Given that I'll be in and out of hospital for cancer treatment/surgery in coming months, these project will be more dabbling than anything else. It will be the end of the year before I should be back on track. I'll possibly invest in a notebook computer to use later on while in recover/rehab.

Anyway it is refreshing to re-aquaint myself with the world of GIS. I had a strong interest in this a decade+ ago using software such as VistaPro on both the Amiga & Windows platforms.

Ed Wilson (gzr_groundhog) is probably the only person, to date, to really come to grips with scenery/terrain creation for CFS3. Ed's achievements include new maps/terrain for MAW and also a Korea War add-on for CFS3.

I initially hope to experiment with a small area...not sure where.

I'll post further updates & news of my experiments, including any software which may be of use.

The Sopwith Snipe will continue in small doses as will a Me P1112 for CFS3. Even working on it full time I would not be able to complete before radiotherapy so there is little point in rushing & focusing on the one project at the moment.