Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sun Night WIP

It doesn't look like I've done a great deal to the Sopwith Snipe since Tuesday, but I have. I have remapped the external fuselage, decking & cowl at least twice and each time re-rendered the ambient occlusion maps. That of course meant redoing the external airframe for the interior model too.

I think I can say I can move forward now and concentrate on painting/rendering the textures, though I think I'm suffering from too much Snipe and might have a break for a couple of days.

I might start another aircraft or continue with one of the other WIPS? Trouble is some of these models were commenced some while back and I've changed techniques a bit. Also there is new info available on modeling for FSX.

I haven't forgotten CFS3 either. MS made a mistake in not continuing that franchise and there still a lot that can be achieved with that game engine as witnessed by MAW.

This is all very relaxing & therapeutic if approached at the right pace.