Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm back :)

That's right! The Biff Diaries is now returning after a brief period of hibernation.

The FSX SP1 beta is almost there and I have freed up enough time to move forward with my pursuit of virtual aircraft creation to the extent I can start posting WIP updates here. I have also started a new job and this has provided some stability to make plans.

The Sopwith Snipe is now back in WIP. The Snipe has been on and off for a long time, straddling many other projects. It'll be nice to see it finished. I'm also still picking away at my new Sopwith Triplane model & giving consideration to reviving the Sopwith Baby too for FSX. If not the Baby then some other WW1 seaplane for FSX.

Flight dynamics is now a project for bed time reading and commuting to work.

Nice to be back!! :)