Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Future Projects .... Decisions....decisions LOL.

I've made some tentative plans as the best way to move forward in the coming months.

Firstly I'll stick to WW1 aircraft for now. I have some interwar aircraft planned but will leave then for the time being as with the Defiant & Luft '46 aircraft. I'm still after decent reference material on the Defiant BTW.

I will also do one other freeware aircraft in addition to the Snipe, mainly for the experience and feedback. It has been an agonising (lol) two days trying to make up my mind and reviewing dozens of possibilities. I have decided to move forward with a Sopwith Triplane which will be freeware. The reasons being that I have heaps of reference material for the Tripe; I have already started one, way back in my OFF days LOL (just the cowl and front fuselage); and I can re-use many parts from the Snipe in the Tripe too (instruments & guns). The triplane has replaced the Sopwith Baby as my final freeware project before moving on to other things. I've had difficulty obtaining good reference material of the Baby interior to date and it will probably cost a few dollars to obtain such. The Sopwith Triplane is planned for FS X only, at this date.

I have tentatively planned my initial payware releases...... some time this year.... can't say when. I can say they will be 2 well known WW1 fighter aircraft, one British and one German. I'm not sure if should name them at this stage....... or should I? ;) I think it will be safe to name these even if I have competition. However I'll wait and see if news of this percolates around the web. These will be followed by a couple of late WW1 German fighter fighter aircraft that were just being introduced when the war ended... not Fokkers (though a late war Fokker will also follow - hint rotary powered. Also another famous Fokker too.). A French aircraft has also been well researched and I am more than happy with the mesh, and will follow these late war Germans. A second French aircraft, a two seater, is also in the works and I will be laying down the mesh shortly. Going into 2008, the Bristol Fighter will be revisited with a Bristol Fighter pro pack. These are all tentative plans subject to change. Much depends on the demands of real life.

I hope to tackle some of the less well known aircraft of WW1 also but much depends on how all of the above goes.

FS X is the planned platform for these at this stage. I still hope to finish the Snipe for CFS3, that will most likely final CFS3 release if I do.

At this stage I do not plan to build 2D instrument panels for FSX aircraft. They will be virtual cockpit only featuring 3D gauges (i.e.) smooth, as in the FSX Biff.

I am starting the Sopwith Triplane immediately and bring that up to the stage I am at with the Snipe i.e. mapping the VC then switch back to the Snipe, alternating between the two.

This should keep me quiet for a while ;)