Tuesday, February 13, 2007

FSX Biff uploaded to Simv & a mystery at Flightsim.com

I've just uploaded the FSX version of the Bristol Fighter to Simviation. Hopefully it should appear there within the next 24 hours.

I was going to do likewise at Flightsim.com and lo and behold it was already there. The phantom uploader strikes again! This has happened to other people also. There's no point in requesting its removal as I would have to upload again. However I will drop the webmaster at Flightsim.com an email and let him know.

Part 1 of the FS9 version of the F2B will be uploaded to Flightsim.com this morning. (Not taking any chances on someone else uploading). The other parts will be uploaded as I complete them. Actually it is with reluctance that I release an FS9 version. Definitely not as nice as the FSX version. I'm not the only designer who has encountered this problem with FS9.

It will be interesting to see how download numbers of the FS9 version compare with FSX... just over 3,000 of the base package to date between Avsim & Flightsim (just over a week). Downloads at Avsim of the FSX Biff have all but stopped. Interestingly the guys at Avsim forums who whinge at the lack of freeware 'native' FSX versions of addon aircraft have yet to notice the 'Biff'. I would say there appears to be a very low awareness and interest of WW1 aviation all round compared to Airliners and WW2 aviation. We'll see how things are after the FSX and CFS3 Snipe is released. I am not making any definite plans for anything else at this moment.