Friday, February 23, 2007

FS9 Biff - 2 to 4 Blade Prop

A recent post at Sim-outhouse asks the question can one change the texture of a 2 blade prop version of the FS2004 Bristol fighter to a 4 blade prop version. Yes one can, but it's a little bit more complicated than just swapping the texture around. The 4 blade version has its own mdl and as the flight dynamics differ slightly from the 2 blade version, exists in a seperate folder.

To add a 4 blade prop version of any variant of the Bristol Fighter, requires that part 4 of the FS2004 Bristol Fighter package be installed. (

In this instance the user wants to see a 4 blade version of the Dutch BR401.
  1. Copy the texture folder texture.BR401 from ......\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\AeroplaneArt_Bristol_F2B_FS9 to .......\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\AeroplaneArt_Bristol_F2B_FS9_4BP
  2. Copy the texture Prop_brisfit.bmp from one of the other 4 blade aircraft to the ...\AeroplaneArt_Bristol_F2B_FS9_4BP\texture.BR401 and overwrite the existing texture in that folder.
  3. Edit the file Aircraft.cfg in ..\AeroplaneArt_Bristol_F2B_FS9_4BP\ and add the following entry after the [fltsim.1] section.
title =Bristol F2B BR401 4P
sim = bristol_f2b_4p_fs9
model =
panel =
sound =
texture =BR401
panel_alias =
sound_alias =
kb_checklists =Bristol_F2B_check
kb_reference =Bristol_F2B_ref
atc_id =
atc_id_color =
atc_parking_types =
atc_parking_code =
ui_manufacturer = Bristol Aeroplane Company Ltd
ui_type = F2B Mk.1 'Biff'
ui_variation = "BR401 - Luchtvaart Adfeling 4 blade Prop"
description = "Your own text goes here."
visual_damage = 0

The above entry will point to the correct visual model and textures.

On successful completion of the above you should then see the 4 blade version in the aircraft selection menu and in sim.

PS: It's also possible to change other aircraft using similar methods. e.g. D8084 was later repainted and I think had a 2 blade prop. So that can be easily changed using these methods (A restored Bristol F2B, now with Peter Jackson in New Zealand, was completed in the later markings of D8084)

A quick note on Bristol F2B props (some of this mentioned in my SOH reply). Initially Bristol F2B's could have left the factory with either a 2 or 4 blade prop. They could additionally be changed in the field. Tests were carried out by Bristol to see if there was much difference between the two. It was revealed that the 2 blade version performed better and was more manouverable. However the 2 blade version was prone to overheating. The RFC couldn't make up their minds either and instructions were issued at one stage to standardise to 2 blade in the field, however many 4 blade props remained in service during WW1. After WW1, 2 blade props appeared to be standard on the Bristol.