Sunday, September 17, 2006

Snipe in FS X

The following pic' was just a quick test of the FS X exporter for 3DS Max included with FS X beta 3. The mesh is unchanged from the CFS3 version. I will be producing a seperate version of the Snipe for FS X using FS 10 materials. If time permits I will also experiment with a lower res mesh using normal mapping.

The main delaying issue for my FS projects is that I have to create period ww1 crew members suitable for IK skinning in FS X. I'll use non IK crew figures in the external model of both FS and CFS3 WW1 aircraft.

The work on the Snipe, albiet peacemeal, continues, as does the BP Defiant for CFS3. It's too early to show pics of the Defiant as I've only modeled the fuselage and tail, concentrating on getting the shapes correct. Next stop .... wings for the Defiant and more cockpit detail for the Snipe..... and also the elusive WW1 crew figures.