Sunday, September 03, 2006

Brief update Sept. 3

I'm still working on the Sopwith Snipe .... now both for FS X and CFS3.

I have been a beta tester for FS X these last few months and Microsoft have lifted their NDA on that product. FS X is still in beta but I would guess it's not long before it goes gold. Anyway the good news is that the restrictions of the FS 9 export tools no longer exist in FS X. The 64k vertex limit is gone as is the .004 vertex resolution. For modelers that means the same basic mesh can be used for CFS3 and FS X .

The FS X SDK as at beta 3, is still incomplete. We'll have to wait for the product to be released to see the entire SDK. Currently there are export tools and scripts for 3DS Max 7, which also work ok in Max 8, but documentation on FS X materials and the new animation system will hopefully follow later.

I would say the CFS3 version of the Snipe may be finished first. I am also experimenting with new Bristol F2b meshes.

Things may slow down a bit with my modeling in the coming months as I am returning ot my normal vocation for a while.

I have posted a few FS X pics in my other Wing Fell Off Blog.