Thursday, September 21, 2006

In case anyone is wondering.......

.....As can be seen from this week's blog entries, the Sopwith Snipe is definte for CFS3. It was postponed a bit for a variety of reasons.... real life, the FS X beta since May and other model projects such as the Boulton Paul Defiant for CFS3 (which is also ongoing) and other matters mentioned before. I'm not working to a timetable with the Snipe. It will be ready when it's ready. I may shortly again have another assignment in my normal vocation which will reduce time for 3D modelling. I'm making the most of this week while I can.

Again repeating the news that the FS X SDK will allow meshes of the standard which CFS3 currently provides, so even if FS X is my primary modeling target I will still be able to model for CFS3. Thus in most instances there will be a CFS3 version of my aircraft. Check out my other blog

The Snipe will be released first for CFS3. Keep watching this blog.