Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fokker D.VII next on the production line

With having cancer in the form of sarcoma it's difficult making long term plans, however I can still model albiet in a stop/start and, at times, a haphazard manner.

At long last I've decided that the Fokker D.VII will be the next serious project for FSX, on completion of the Snipe. It's an aircraft I have started a couple of times before only to later scrap. And it's a good thing too as my modeling skills have improved greatly over the last 3 years along with much experience. Indeed the Fokker D.VII is second only to the Biff as a WW1 topic I am very fond of (mind you I've a whole list of favourites).

Basically the decisions were between WW1 or later aircraft such as the Bristol Bulldog, Hawker Fury/Nimrod, Curtiss P6E, Boeing F4-B/P-12, and if WW1, whether to adopt a themed approach i.e. moving from 1916 through to the end of the war or model aircraft that I like in any old order. I decided on the latter approach as these will probably be low cost payware for FSX. I've spent a small fortune on reference material over the last few years and it would be nice to recoup some of that.

I still hope to squeeze a freeware Sopwith Baby in there, sometime during the next 12 months. As the Baby's cockpit would be partly an artist's interpretation it's only fair that it should be freeware.

Next on the list are 3 Junkers early metal monoplanes, then looking into my crystal ball I can also see a member of the Albatros D series and a Sopwith Camel. I'd love to cover the SE5a too but that's been covered by a few others including Alphasim. Which Albatros ? .... that's a tough call .... I might group them in packs. Anyway these are very tentative and we'll see how I go. At least by posting these thoughts publicly they stand a chance of being followed through. I intend to stick with topics for which I have much reference material, thus the creation process will be much faster.

It's amazing how making a decsion can brighten oneself up.... in the meantime back to the Snipe, hopefully all the loose ends on the external model will be tied up by the weekend.

Happy simming :)