Monday, April 21, 2008

Fokker D.VIII

I've mentioned this aircraft in previous blog posts. Anyway today celebrates my return to aircraft modeling after radiotherapy (I've been busy on CFS3 terrain work for a couple of weeks). Today I refreshed my memory on where I was at with the Fokker D.VIII, created new wheels and refreshed some minor smoothing issues on the prop. Most of the work so far is in the Oberursel and prop - about 2 1/2 days so far - less than 20 hours work including the prop and new Oberusel/Le Rhone.

The current delaying issue is the Spandau which I want to make as detailed as I can, for use in many other aircraft. These days I generally create an aicraft shell and then work from the inside out, hence the lack of struts at the present moment.



PS: As per my earlier posts the Fokker D.VIII is only for FSX at the present moment. I'm not sure whether OFF Phase 3 for CFS3 will allow third party aircraft. If it does, and I receive enough requests I may consider a CFS3 version. If I did it may take a while for the CFS3 version to appear.

EDIT - August 20, 2008. As mentioned in subsequent posts the Fokker D.VIII is tentatively pla nned for a possible future payware release for FSX.