Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aeroplane Art

I originally established the Aeroplane Art web site with the intention of promoting and supporting both future payware & freeware add-on aircraft projects for the Microsoft Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator franchises. Unfortunately during 2007, cancer was diagnosed in my right leg, an advanced myxoid liposarcoma, which is not very nice to have (understatement). Sad This of course, meant that aspirations to produce payware aircraft were placed on hold, hopefully on temporarily. However creation of virtual aircraft as a hobby activity continues, albeit fairly slowly at times. Thus Aeroplane Art will have a freeware focus in the short-term. Aircraft will be made available from the major download sites.

Aircraft produced will largely reflect my interests in aviation, which as most readers of this blog know, lie in the area of vintage aviation and warbirds, especially World War 1 aircraft. I do however have interests which span the entire gamut of aviation history including modern aviation. Current endeavours focus on the Sopwith Snipe for FSX and later for CFS3. I am one of those modelers who like to create new meshes frequently, to keep my skills up to date, thus there are a number of possible aircraft that could follow the Sopwith Snipe. An update of my earlier Bristol F2B, to FSX SP2 standard is in progress also.

I hope to commence updating the site sometime between now and late February. Early to mid February is going to be taken up with further radio therapy treatment. I will post WIP pics in my blogs in addition to the Aeroplane Art site, which will also feature galleries and perhaps articles also.