Monday, January 15, 2007

'Biff' Almost X-ified

The FSX version of the Bristol Fighter is almost complete and should be released sometime this week. I have just a couple of cockpit animations to figure out and we're there. The tedious job of converting all the LOD models is complete. I may create a couple of new skins I have in mind time permitting.

The mdl files are some size. The mesh of the external model for all 3 sims, FS9/CFS3/FSX is almost the same yet the CFS3 m3d weighs in at 3+ MB while the FSX mdl is 14+mb. The fsx vc is 13+ mb. Needless to say the download files will be large. I'll probaly release other variants seperately.

Anyway here are a few more pics. (PS.... check out the bump mapped leather combing..)