Wednesday, June 14, 2006

This week's progress

Work on the Bristol Fighter for FS2004 continues as does the Sopwith Snipe for CFS3.

The FS2004 version of the Bristol Fighter is slow progress indeed. The FS2004 makemdl exporter appears to have a vertex limit of 64k vertices which is currently affecting the interior model. The exterior exports without problem. It's been very much a case of trimming the interior model bit by bit while trying to preserve the sharpness and detail of the CFS3 version. There have been some sacrifices. This problem has been caused by the FS2004 exporter requirement that visible parts of the external model have to be duplicated and added to the interior, thus resulting in a high polycount.

The Snipe continues too, although slowly, as I don't have much time to devote to it at the present time. Yesterday I received the Windsock Datafile on the Snipe which wll enable me to fill in a few gaps in the cockpit detail.

I have been unwinding somewhat and spending time on my other passions...