Friday, June 02, 2006

Snipe for CFS3 and Biff for FS2004 continue

I am still working on these two projects and am putting in approximately 2 or 3 hours a day in 3DS Max - sometimes longer.

I am presently detailing the Snipe cockpit, having recently created a new fuselage.... yet again. I am testing it out in game as I go along. I powered up CFS3 for the first time this week since I released the CFS3 Biff, and I must say CFS3 is wearing well these days. It's a great pity the series has not continued. The shading in the Snipe cockpit [untextured] looks good in CFS3. When I complete the VC cockpit shell I'll show a few pics. At this stage the Sopwith Snipe will be for CFS3 only, though a FS X version may follow next year.

As to the FS2004 Biff, I have had to trim down the virtual cockpit and redo many small cylindrical parts. I still have to redo the scarf ring and lewis gun. Hopefully it won't loose too much in the process.