Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Update on previous post

Just to clarify what I hope to achieve completion wise with respect to the previous post. I'm aiming for the Sopwith Snipe & Fokker D.VIII at the end of April. I'll probably focus on the Albatros D.Va for completion too. All the others will be ongoing too, but the main focus will be on the above 3, otherwise I'll end up with a nice collection of partially completed meshes.

I worked on the F6F-3 on the weekend too, completing most of the airframe structure I still have to create meshes for the engine, undercarriage, and detail around the cowl, break the model up for uc doors etc then UV map. Next comes the cockpit. The good thing about the F6F-3 is that I have most of the reference material that I need. I'm aiming to have that one completed after the middle of the year... first for CFS3, then FSX.

For now back to WW1 and let's complete something. :)



UPDATE 21 April 2008

Due to having to rest following cancer treatment these aircraft will appear at a much later date. I apologise to anyone who has been waiting on these.