Friday, July 21, 2006

Freeware Snipe for FS X too

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I intend to produce a freeware version of the Sopwith Snipe for Flight Simulator X also.

I am hoping that the new export tools for Flight Simulator X will allow higher resolution meshes and the base CFS3 mesh should be easily converted to FS X. The Snipe model is fairly detailed and would require too much work to convert to FS 2004.

I also face the challenging task of completing the external model as one contiguous mesh to enable dynamic self shadowing in FS X. Not too difficult for more modern enclosed aircraft but somewhat challenging for early biplanes or any other open cockpit aircraft.

[EDIT: An FS X version of this Sopwith Snipe depends on FS X and its tools being able to support model meshes of the resolution and standard that CFS3 currently supports. At the time of writing this remains to be seen. If the FS X 3D engine and export tool limitations are similar to those in FS9 then this version of the Snipe will not appear for FS X. I will focus my modelling efforts in other directions but will at least continue to model for CFS3 on a hobby basis.]