Thursday, January 26, 2006

Avoiding Burnout - Possible Delay

Many 3D modellers/designers in the world of flight simulation and combat flight simulation, especially freeware end up suffering from what is known as modeller burnout. It has happened to more than a few modellers, and is caused by too many late nights, solving and dealing with too many problems and trying to balance with the requirements of everyday life.

In order to avoid such burnout I will possibly delay the release of the Bristol Fighter. It will most likely be finished by month end [January 2006] but largely untested. I also experienced a few unanticipated problems. This week my 3dS Max LOD100 file corrupted itself losing 2 days work on the file *, bombs had to be modelled and damage endcaps took more time than I expected. I managed to retrieve 1 days work quickly enough by merging from other files. However one day's work was completely lost which means there will be a few bugs that I may have to track down.

I had intended to release as a beta by month end. However after witnessing the negative response to other modellers' releasing their work early I decided to wait until I have run the Bristol past at least a couple of people who know their stuff when it comes to WW1 aircraft.

One never knows - I may complete the Biff without any bugs by Monday. It is not impossible - but it is better to be safe than sorry.

* Normally this would not be a problem as autobak files are saved every ten minutes. However as I had been working on all my other LODS on the same day, the autobaks were of different files. Perils for the unwary.